Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much does this service cost?

A. We only charge a very low monthly price of FREE.

Q. How can this service be free?

A. We place advertisements on our site to help us be.

Q. How long will my e-mail address stay active for?

A. Your chosen e-mail address is active for you forever, subject to domain renewal at our discretion. Your e-mail messages will be deleted after 5 days.

Q. Do I need to use a password to use

A. No, all e-mail addresses are public, which means that anyone who chooses the same e-mail address as you will be able to read your messages unless you delete them. We do not recommend sending personal information to e-mail addresses.

Q. How many e-mail addresses I can create?

A. There is no limit of number of how many e-mail addresses you can create.

Q. I've waited more than 15 minutes but no message arrived!

A. Sometimes, there can be a delay due to mail traffic on the sending servers. Just try again after some time or pick another one of our domain names.

Q. Is it necessary to download a mobile app or a software to use your service?

A. No you do not need any software or app. This is a web-based service that is accessible from everywhere via